Production Equipment

There are respectively two advanced production lines for SSS spunbond non-woven fabric polypropylene fiber and three-layer laminated film. The annual output of spunbond non-woven fabric, cast film and laminated film amounts to 20,000 tons. The spunbond non-woven fabric (9-200g/1112) is produced by melting the raw material polypropylene in high temperature, spurting filament into the net and hot rolling. The wide range of non-woven fabric produced by Jingxin is 3.2 meters and there are all kinds of colors for your choice.

As a professional manufacturer for spunbond non-woven fabric, melt-blown non-woven fabric and laminated film, we specialize in producing non-woven fabrics (10g-80g) with low weight and high quality, which has the characteristics of even distribution: netting uniformity, high strength, toughness, good abrasive resistance, acid and alkali resistance, soft, hygiene, ventilate and water repellency, efficiently antibacterial, non-toxic, no smell, not irritate skin, etc.; it can resist and isolate dust, particles, alcohol, plasma and other liquids. The products are widely used in diapers, sanitary napkins, adult incontinence products, surgical gowns, protective clothing, masks and other medical and health fields.


This kind of equipment is designed and produced by synthesizing the advantages of similar equipments at home and abroad. And the full-servo strip production lines can make sure high-speed production, high reliability, easy operation and management and functional integrity. There are economical and high-grade diaper products, including a variety of specifications such as extra large, large, medium and small.

Equipment is advanced and totally enclosed in order to ensure the products health, the defective goods is eliminated to ensure the quality of products. The fusion of fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer(SAP) by press make sure that the cotton core is not broken and  not shift during the machine runtime. Leg cuff fabrics formed by cutting and hot rolling can attach the elastic ribbon to form three-dimensional protection to prevent the leakage. The frontal tape and the side waist tape also can be supplied. Automatically fold wings and lengthwise fold three times after the product molding, and then output with entire columns to make the packing convenient. The main parts are made of special materials, and the servo motor adopts international famous brand to ensure the stability of equipment.