Functional Non-woven

We offer customers a variety of functional non-woven fabric and laminated film which are specially treated to achieve a wider application and special effects which are not only to increase the products’ added value but also to enhance the competitiveness of products.
> Hydrophilic and water repellent treatment:
   Mainly used in the production of sanitary materials, such as diapers, the surface layer of
   sanitary napkins and three-dimensional cuff, etc.

> Soft treatment:
   Mainly used in the production of medical and sanitary materials, and reduce the skin friction.
> Flexible and non-slip treatment:
   Mainly used in the production of medical and sanitary material.
> Absorption treatment:
   Mainly used in the production of medical consumables, such as surgical gown, etc.
> Antistatic treatment:
   Mainly used in protective equipment materials.
> Anti-bacterial deodorant treatment:
   Mainly used in medical and sanitary materials.
> Photocatalyst effects treatment:
   Mainly used in furniture supplies field.
> Anti-ultraviolet treatment:
   Mainly used in agriculture cover cloth, car covers and other fabrics.
> Flame retardant treatment:
   Mainly used in the fire protection purposes of furniture supplies and aviation supplies, and it
   has passed through the test of SGS.

> Abrasion treatment:
   Mainly used in building materials field in order to achieve more durable results.
> Compound treatment:
   Can be used in various trades with high strength, tension, breathable and water repellent
   and other functions.

> Fragrance treatment:
   Applied hygiene products(flavor: mint, lemon, lavender flavor, etc.)