Dog Diapers


> Soft and dry top layer
   The super soft and hydrophilic top layer of non-woven fabrics can make
   the urine rapidly infiltrate and instantly absorb to keep the surface redouble
> The leak proof three-dimensional leg cuf
   The freestyle three-dimensional leg cuff give the all-round care, leakage barrier
   effectively prevent the urine leakage.
> Breathable back fil
   The breathable laminated back film can rapidly drain the moisture to keep the skin
   dry and comfortable all the time.
> Wetness indicator desig
   The intimate urine indicator design allows you to see with a visual change in
   color if your dog has eliminated into the diaper indicating it is time for new one.
> The elastic waist  
   There is a well-designed elastic force at the waist and leg part to close the dog’s
   body without a sense of restraint, and the elasticity is lasting but no tight sense.
> Fur-friendly fasteners  
   Magic tabs that will not stick to fur or hair,and can freely paste to make the
   wearing more comfortable.