Baby Diapers

> Super-thin and lightweight process
   The super-thin core with a lightweight touching feeling and the integrated
   molding process, is not easy to break and form lumps, so that the baby feel
   lightweight and comfortable to wear.

> Skin-friendly and super soft top layer
  This can reduce skin friction, intimately embrace the delicate skin and give the
  baby gentle and sincere care.

> Double super-absorbent cotton core
   Super absorbent polymer(SAP) imported from Japan and fluff pulp imported
   from the United States are used to make this cotton core with the function of
   super-absorbent and instantly lock water, unique long diversion layer, and long-
   term dry to make the baby sleep in peace of mind.

> Omnidirectional breathable back film
   The free breathing micro pores can efficiently ventilate but no leakage, and can rapidly
   discharge moisture, so that the baby’s hip is always comfortable and breathable.

> Wetness indicator design
   The intimate urine indicator design can constantly call your attention to change
   diapers to keep your baby healthy.

> Three-dimensional elastic waist
   This is an exclusive design for baby, can repeatedly move and be freely pasted
   and effectively prevent side leakage and back leakage.
Yesbaby Baby Diapers

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3 years

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Soft non-woven, breathable absorbent paper, imported fluff pulp & super-absorbent polymer(SAP), leakproof PE film

Antibacterial, antianaphylaxis, three-dimensional leakproof, elastic leg cuff, double super-absorbent core, rapid diversion, soft & dry, wetness indicator, full waist tap