Baby Insert Diapers

> Three-dimensional cutting
   The cutting is to fit baby's buttocks and legs’ curve to give them little hips double

Skin-friendly surface
   The non-irritating and high quality cotton soft surface is used, like touching
   cotton, to effectively reduce skin friction and give little hips the gentlest care.
Naturally thin
   A new generation of ultra-thin composite core technology can doubly absorb
   water and lock water, instantly absorb urine, the absorbent fibers ensure that
   the core will not break and form lump.
Double leak-proof
   The double leak-proof leg cuffs are used to effectively prevent the leakage of
Efficiently breathable back layer
   The PE back layer is updated to rapidly discharge the hot moisture, so little hips
   can breathe freely and keep dry.
Yesbaby Insert Diapers

Small Medium Large X-Large

3 years

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Soft non-woven, breathable absorbent paper, imported fluff pulp & super-absorbent polymer(SAP), leakproof PE film

Antibacterial, antianaphylaxis, three-dimensional leakproof, elastic leg cuff, super-absorbent, rapid diversion, soft & dry, thin & breathable